Tabacon Free Hot Springs Video

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*For OPTIONS, be sure to CHECK-OUT our other VIDEOS on various HOT SPRINGS in the FORTUNA/ARENAL AREA.

There aren’t too many people on the planet that don’t enjoy soaking and relaxing in about 100 degrees plus of water- especially if the Jacuzzi business is any indication.

Jacuzzi’s are nice, but they’re not the real thing. Costa Rica has the real deal. The hot springs in Costa Rica are one of the most alluring attractions in the country. Here, hot springs flow from the veins of good ‘ol Mother Earth and ...continue READING.

I gotta tell you, we took a lot of 'HEAT' from the locals for showing YOU where the FREE hot springs are and even some of our friends asked us to take down the video. We didn't agree.

Not everyone can afford about 70 bucks a pop to enter Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort (that's the REAL Tabacon to the left).

But like we told them, we provide INFORMATION for the traveler, rich or poor, and not everyone can afford the 'better' hot springs in the area like Tabacon, Eco Termales or even Baldi. And some folks are traveling for extended periods of time and really need to budget their funds accordingly. So, the 'free' hot spring at Tabacon is a nice option. Take some frosty beverages, snacks a blanket and ENjoY! ps. Keep an EYE on your stuff.