Saving Mono Titi

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This video is in HD... you may need to pause the video to let it load before watching it.

The Eco Preservation Society, in conjunction with Eco Interactive is producing a documentary on the endangered Mono Titi in rain forest of Manuel Antonio Park on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Mono Titi is a highly endangered species of squirrel monkey that is only found in this habitat. Mono Titi is among the smallest of all primates. Manuel Antonio is a hot bed of Eco Tourism, over a million people on vacation visit the park each year. Costa Rica is the premiere eco vacation, eco travel, eco tour destination in the world.

Mission: To promote research. travel and education programs that advance environmental consciousness and facilitate public awareness with a call to action. We will actively engage in sustainable development to include the acquisition of land for the purpose of reforestation and wildlife conservation.

Vision: The Eco Preservation Society promotes a positive Eco Interactive Lifestyle that is in harmony with our natural world.

Please click on our link to learn more about how you can help.