San Jose - Costa Rica - Tranquilo Backpackers Review

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Tranquilo Backpackers run 2 hostels in Costa Rica, this REVIEW is for the one in San Jose, the other being on the Nicoya Peninsula around the Malpais/Santa Teresa area (I'm sure we'll get there soon). Tranquilo Backpackers starts at $10. for a dorm style room but also has more privacy for $17 and $28, but is it worth it? How far EXACTLY does $10 go at Tranquilo Backpackers? It is conveniently located to just about anything you want to do in San Jose, but is that enough? Is this a run-of-the-mill hostel or a step-up from the rest? Check out this review and see if Tranquilo Backpackers is worth the price of admission. You might be surprised at what we have to say. ENjoY.