Salto la Fortuna

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La Fortuna Waterhole- the SECRET is REVEALED

The La Fortuna Arenal Volcano area in Costa Rica has a little secret place... well they did ANYWAY *wink*

There's already PLENTY to do in La Fortuna Costa Rica, such as zip-lining, canyoning, volcano hikes (don't forget to explore Cerro Chato, the extinct volcano next to the Arenal Volcano) and numerous other activities, too many to mention. La Fortuna, which sits in the shadow of the Arenal Volcano, also serves as the 'base camp' for many day tours like, Rio Celeste, Cano Negro, and numerous rafting excursions.

That said, this post is ALL about a semi-secret place in La Fortuna called 'Salto', which means 'jump' in Spanish. I say semi-secret, because that's exactly what it is, SOME know about it, while still MANY don't. It's a waterhole about a mile from the center of La Fortuna and an EXTREMELY fun place to hang out for a few hours. Salto is picturesque to say the least (you could spend an hour or so just snapping pics). A RAINFOREST picture puzzle with each piece perfectly complementing the next to form the ultimate PICTURE PARADISE. Here's the puzzle pieces, I'll let you piece them together: lush jungle complete with surround sound-running rapids-shades of green-rock formations-2 waterfalls-bridge-bowl shape... NOW, add a rope so you can Tarzan your way into the water below. and it's all FREE.

Hopefully when you put your pieces together, it looked something like this.

FREE means you're responsible for yourself and your belongings. Just know, if you decide to hang-out, explore, swim, dive or use the rope swing at Salto- you do so at your own RISK. Okay, I had to say that, you know, since 'US' Americans don't always like to take responsibility for our own actions. *DO NOT leave your 'things' unattended at Salto. Even when the local boys you're talking to seem SO nice.

Sometimes the 'locals' hanging out at Salto can be a little on the 'sketchy' side.

Salto should not be missed.