Sabana Park

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This video is in HD... you may need to pause the video to let it load before watching it.

La Sabana Park or Parque La Sabana is easily located on any map of San Jose. It is located at the western end of Paseo Colon. Back in the day this used to be San Jose's international airport. This is the perfect place to spend the afternoon and immerse yourself in Tico culture as this is the city's center for active sports and recreation. Here you'll find everything from jogging trails, soccer fields, basketball courts and even a few public tennis courts. All the facilities in La Sabana are open to the public.

Parque La Sabana is where Tico families gather for picnics, kite flying, fishing and overall socializing with friends and family, and there's even an outdoor sculpture garden. This is just a GREAT place to experience local culture and maybe even a good reminder on how the simple pleasures in LIFE are often the BEST... there's not a PlayStation in site.

Check out our video of La Sabana and if you got an hour or two we would recommend a stroll through the park. We would also recommend you leave this park before dusk and AVOID it all together during the night time hours when the sketchier characters of San Jose come out to play... and they don't seem interested in a pick-up game of soccer.