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Hey Everyone, we got a chance to stay a couple nights at the Gaia Hotel and Reserve in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Folks, this a 5-Star, ADULT ONLY hotel and resort. Quite funny actually, the night before we were reviewing Tranquilo Backpackers in San Jose and some other hostels in the area, the next night, Gaia Hotel in Manuel Antonio. So, does this 5-star hotel live up to its status? I gotta say we were thinking Gaia may be a little pretentious for our liking, after all, studio's and villa's start at about $220 and go up to about $900 a night. Don't get me wrong, we appreciate 500,000+ thread-count and flat screen tv's as much as anyone, and they DO have a 12-acre Reserve with rare wildlife and lush vegetation on the property. But what about the pretentiousness? Would Gaia be SNOOTY? Well, check out this video and see if the Gaia Hotel and Reserve meet OUR standards of 5-Star... without the ATTITUDE.

For the Record:

Gaia Hotel and Reserve is a 5-Star, ADULT ONLY luxury boutique hotel and resort, nestled in the foothills of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Gaia is also a PROUD memeber of "Small Luxury Hotels of the World".

The minute you ENTER Gaia Hotel you realize you're in for an impressive stay. Complimentary Welcome drinks are just the beginning.

Gaia Hotel and Reserve sits on 14 acres of lowland coastal forest, complete with lush vegetation and rare wildlife, such as the squirrel monkey and 3-toed sloth. The Gaia Hotel achieves the perfect mix of modern amenities surrounded by the area's natural beauty. And the hotel's well-appointed, terraced suites and villas offer views that are beyond compare.

Gaia also offers more conveniences than the guest could need, including an on-site restaurant, room service 24/7, spa, gym, and pool, plus the availability of a TON of personal services.

Not only is Gaia eco-friendly and 'green', they give BACK to the community as well... always a PLUS.

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