Lost or Stolen Passport in Costa Rica

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This video is in HD... you may need to pause the video to let it load before watching it.

Sorry, this Video may be a bit boring, but it is NEEDED, and some of you just may THANK us later..hehe. When traveling in Costa Rica, one should take certain precautions to ensure the BEST vacation possible. We would highly recommend checking out some of our other videos like Theft and Crime in Costa Rica, Backing Up Important Documents and many of our other Travel Tip Videos along with reading over some of our printed INFORMATION and articles. But sometimes, things happen that can't be avoided, so if your passport is ever LOST or STOLEN this is a video for you (actually you should CHECK it out anyway just in case). This video is NOT exciting, but it does give you good information on what you can expect as well as what to do if your passport does get lost or stolen and it's always good to be prepared. This video also contains important phone numbers to the US Embassy.