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La Avispa, which means, ‘the wasp’ in English, has been at the CORE of the San José gay scene since the late ‘70’s. Being one of the first gay bars to open in Costa Rica in a time where being gay was not cool it's became an icon in the gay community.

We love, Love, LOVE La Avispa discotheque and there IS no better place to party on a Sunday night. La Avispa in San José, Costa Rica is a GREAT example of why many in the straight crowd LOVE to frequent gay bars and night clubs... and it's NOT because we don't know how to PARTY... and believe me, La Avispa KNOWS how to throw a Sunday night PARTY. The older sister of the gay night clubs in San Jose, La Avispa has not lost a 'thing' with AGE, in fact, she's become more experienced in bringing EVERYONE together.

We’ve been to La Avispa numerous times in the past and we’ve always had fun, but this past Sunday night, something was just in the ‘gay’ air or something. So, as of NOW, I’ve officially moved Avispa to the top of my best ‘gay night clubs in San José’ list… I WAS a huge Bochinche’s fan (I still hold out hope) and even a Pucho’s supporter,but La Avispa has moved past the majority of the competition in my book with its Sunday Night Party. And you Club Oh! fans, I love that place too, HELLOOO... what's NOT to like?

It just may be the mix of the crowd that makes La Avispa work, but whatever the combination, it's working.

Whether you’re a gay traveler to Costa Rica, a gay local, a straight person looking for a GREAT atmosphere (you know us gays, we ALWAYS provide the atmosphere) with top notch music and reasonably priced drinks- you’d be making a mistake if you made any other plans for your Sunday night’s activities. And by the way, on Sunday, the party at Avispa starts EARLY, like 6:00pm, so you can get your GROOVE on early… and for those of you who don’t have to work, they still stay open late.


Phone: (506) 2223-5343
Website: www.LaAvispa.Co.CR
Address: On 1st St., between Ave. 8 and 10,

San Jose, Costa Rica


-- Our Readers Reviews --

  • My favorite club in Costa Rica. It's big, bright, open, friendly, and plays great music. Best place for a Sunday night before a Monday Holiday. - Jose C. from San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Friday/Saturday nights best after around 10:30 or so - Minor from Quepos, Costa Rica
  • More locals and mix between Latin/salsa and electronic/dance. Owners are a lesbian couple so the mix is good between gay male, gay female, and some heteros. - Walter M. from San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Locations is kind of dangerous... - This is where more foreigners go. Just take taxi when leaving the bar. - John P. from Toronto, Canada
  • Great place to go dancing...They have an all girls night, so if you're a guy, just make sure you know when that is. They have an awesome Sunday dance party, too. - Joshua B. from Chicago, Illinois
  • La Avispa is disco where you'll find everything, from huge trucker lesbians to straight men...and everything in between. It's one of my favorite places to go dancing but it's only worth a visit on Sundays. The place is big enough and you can actually breathe air! The music is very varied, but most likely you'll be dancing to electronica and pop with salsa and merengue breaks thru the night. - Fabián from San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Really fun! They play all kind of music including salsa and merengue. All kinds of people goes to that one so i would say that if u come to CR u have to go to la Avispa, as long as u dont get there in shorts i think everything is ok. - Francisco A. from San Jose, Costa Rica
  • La Avispa is the first gay club here (I think so), it gets really crowded on sundays but the place is pretty big so you can find a cool spot to hang around and drink or you can stay downstairs and dance your ass off. Weekends are good there too, but it's not the best place to be on a friday or saturday night. Be careful of who you talk to, since there's a lot of... how to call them?... Sluts, skanks, Pick-pocketers, gold-diggers, "escorts" and that kind of people, so try not to give them info about your social status cuz they'll surely try to suck money (among other things) from you. - David G.