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Hey guys welcome to Costa Rica, I’m D’Angelo…. And I’m michael alan for We’re in the middle of San Jose…. Today we’re in San Jose, Costa Rica and we’re reviewing another hotel down here. The hotel is called Hotel Kekoldi. You can see it behind us back here. It’s the white building with purple and pink trim. We want to show you… it’s kind of nice architecture kind of art deco a converted mansion I believe of some sort. But it’s pretty nice architecture… Okay, Hotel Kekoldi, it has 10 rooms. Its going to depend on season… low and high. The low is around $51 plus tax and the high is $99 plus tax. But it all changes with low and high, with double occupancy, and triple occupancy. We’re going to put these in the description so… There is an upgraded room… it’s like two queen size beds, with hardwood floors, bigger tv, bigger bathroom, and a nicer view… I think they got two of those rooms. But again, prices… check the description, and their website.

Guys, bare with the video… we’re in a busy street so you might hear some traffic going by. The rooms are big, they do have hot water, they don’t have air conditioning, but they do have fans, and a lock box. As far as the rooms… they are big rooms.. They are big rooms and they probably look big because they are empty rooms. There’s nothing on the walls, there’s no artwork… it’s just white walls, yeah, just white walls. But again, we didn’t say… it’s very clean…. Hotel Kekoldi is very clean.

Um, yeah, it’s kind of weird there’s nothing on the walls at all as far as your rooms. They have a little bit of murals downstairs in the reception area, where you eat, but your rooms are just white. The TVs are… I mean , they’re already little (tiny little TVs), but they look even littler because the rooms so big.

And it’s… we don’t…. sorry, I’m starting to think of some things. It also can be as you can hear, it can be a little noisy. Especially if you have one of these rooms that are facing the outside. You get a little bit of the traffic noise. And you can also get noise from what’s ever inside, because you are able to hear what’s kind of going on in the other rooms. There is a room where your facing the courtyard, so if you’re rooms facing the courtyard, and it’s noisy out in the courtyard it tends to come… draw in to your room... there… just on a quick tip… there is one room in the hotel that I’ve noticed that does not have a window facing the outside, the window faces inside in a hallway… it’s actually in the hallway so, believe me you can see in and I’m thinking they can see out. You might want to ask for a room facing outside… that’s it.

When we checked in at the reception they were really nice… they have a really nice staff working here… yeah, they answered all your questions and stuff…. They do serve a nice breakfast. Breakfast includes: Eggs, toast, umm milk, I think they had a cereal or something… and they had coffee… Yeah, kind of the basics with eggs which is always nice… they got a little garden area…. A courtyard where you can go and sit there and eat and enjoy the outside area.

Now, um those are some good things. I would say the main draw to Kekoldi to me personally is definitely the location. They’re in a great location. There’re pretty close to downtown. Yeah, walking distance…. I mean you’re walking pretty much anywhere … the zoo, the garden … butterfly garden, the jade museum, the butterfly gardens here, El Pueblo for great night life, even this whole area is kind of architecturally nice… it’s in Barrio Amon, which it is architecturally nice. There’s great architecture. All the old coffee barons had mansions out here and nice buildings out here that they re-renovated into hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc.

So really this is… Kekoldi to me is all about location, location, location. One problem we did see is the security door. There’s a security door to let you in and out of the hotel…. Which I see the reason why. I mean most the hotels down here in San Jose do have it because of … as a problem with crime and they want to make use it doesn’t come into the hotel… I understand that. Yeah, we understand security, but getting buzzed in and getting buzzed out and you’ve got to wait….. the problem is having to wait for somebody to buzz you in and buzz you out, which we did have to wait a couple of times. And you almost feel bad… if you have to go in and out like to a rental car (no Parking lot) or something you feel bad because they have to get up.. and it’s the whole thing… you have to find them to get them to buzz you out. Yeah, and it’s very very off putting. I know it may not sound like a big thing, but you come home after a night of partying at 2 in the morning … I’m just hoping the guys awake. You know… so…. Just saying, that whole security door… definite buzz kill.

The atmosphere of the hotel has more of ahhh… the atmosphere of a backpackers type atmosphere where you’re going to drop your bags, you’re going to throw them and you’re going to run towards the city. Yeah, you’re not going to hang out here… I don’t think you’re going to hang out here by any means. This is more of ah… just… yeah, what he said … drop your bags, go do your things, and come back and sleep at night. It kind of gots that vibe going on.

And now … michael alan’s Rant…

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