Jardin Escondido in El Castillo, Costa Rica

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We would encourage anyone that has a little extra time to make a trip over to El Castillo. It's about 40 minutes from La Fortuna going past the Arenal National Park, the Observatory Lodge, and Sky Tram Adventures. El Castillo is an up and coming albeit, small town, destined to be on any travelers list of places to visit in the La Fortuna area. It's picturesque, with great views of the Arenal Volcano and Lake Arenal. A visit to El Castillo wouldn't be complete without checking out Rancho Margot- not only do they have nice cabinas, but this place is massive,, gardens, wildlife refuge, hot springs, working organic farm, research center, classroom etc. etc. and ALL self-sustainable. Check out Rancho Margot to see how we're supposed to be treating the planet.