Isla del Cano

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The Biological Reserve of Isla del Cano

Isle del Cano has some of the best diving in the country.
Isle del Cano has some of the best diving in the country.
The Biological Reserve of Isla del Cano is about nine miles off the coastline of Corcovado and is a pleasant 1-hour boat ride from either Marenco or Drake Bay. Archeologists say this island was both a cemetery for indigenous peoples and a sanctuary for pirates.

Dolphins cruising along in the boats wake, and flying fish sailing off the top of ocean swells often escort the visitor to the island. The massive humpback whale can also be found here from December to April as they come from their feeding grounds in Alaska in hopes of attracting a female. Males will sing enchanting songs to attract females, and will frequently leap high in impressive breaches during their mating stopover through Costa Rican waters.

Isla del Cano is surrounded by pristine turquoise water, tiny beaches, and coral covered rock reefs. Spectacularly colored tropical fish can easily be observed by skin divers and snorkelers within approximately 50 ft. from shore.

Well kept trails direct the visitor through a rich forest covered with epiphytes and massive philodendrons.

Gift from Outer Space or an Ancient Headstone - Mystery of the Spheres.

The pre-Columbian cemetery of the Boruca people sits at the highest point on Isla del Cano, where the forest becomes dense and silent.

Among the trees sit two stone spheres. Highlighted by the rays of the sun through the forest canopy and green with moss, the enigmatic spheres seem inconceivably symmetrical in this forest of twisted vegetation. Literally thousands of these spheres have

been found in many places in the south of Costa Rica as well as a few in northern Panama. These spheres are one of the country’s biggest mysteries. Although the origin and the significance of these spheres is not known, they are thought to have been made in villages on the Osa Peninsula near Palmar Norte, brought to Cano in canoes, then possibly rolled to the cemetery at the highest point of the island.

Many of these spheres are no bigger than a orange and could have possibly been some sort of toy, but the huge spheres, over 6 ft. in diameter, may have pointed to the political or social standing of the departed. Many spheres seemed to have been used as headstones for graves, oriented to the east, and had secret chambers which housed precious ornaments. These chambers were covered with layers of sand, coral, and pebbles. Spheres that have been found in groups have been placed to reflect the positions of the stars.

Or maybe it was just visiting aliens impressed by Costa Rica…...