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Hot Springs in Costa Rica

Yeah! This is HOT water folks, truly magical, and nothings better for tired muscles after a day of adventure- except maybe a frosty beverage.
Yeah! This is HOT water folks, truly magical, and nothings better for tired muscles after a day of adventure- except maybe a frosty beverage.

There aren’t too many people on the planet that don’t enjoy soaking and relaxing in about 101degrees of water- and if the Jacuzzi business is any indication.

Jacuzzi’s are nice, but they’re not the real thing. Costa Rica has the real deal. The hot springs in Costa Rica are one of the most alluring attractions in the country. Here, hot springs flow from the veins of good ‘ol Mother Earth and are 100% natural. Mother Earth takes the form of Volcan Arenal as far as the popular resort Tabacón is concerned. The hot springs here are fed by Rio Tabacón, which begins deep in the very active Arenal volcano, after which it flows almost a mile to the natural pools that make up the resort. But that’s but one example.

Travel Costa Rica and don’t miss an opportunity to relax and reinvigorate the body in mineral-laden water with seemingly magical powers. Your body will love you for it, and besides, what could be better than sipping a frosty beverage while the hot waters cascade over your back, providing the ultimate ‘natural’ massage after a day of adventure.

Here’s a few of the more popular hot spring options around Costa Rica:

Titoku Hot Springs- Titoku Hot springs is literally right next to Baldi Hot Springs (see below). So close in fact, if you didn't know, you'd think they were all under the same roof. Titoku is actually a part of the Arenal Kioro Hotel and Resort but are located separately from the hotel. The 8 sculpted pools are surrounded with lush vegetation and the lighting at night could be described as romantic. Titoku is a more intimate affair than the other hot springs in the area. If there's a party there- it's for two.

Tabacón Resort (Now-Tabacón Grand Spa Thermal Resort) - What can be said? They did everything right. This is the ultimate in luxury. It’s expensive, so you’ll pay the price, but this place truly is a paradise with its gardens, ponds, streams, and pools fed by the Rio Tabacón, originating straight from the bowels of the Arenal Volcano. This is the most extensive, luxurious, and EXPENSIVE setting to soak your weary bones. Tabacón Grand Spa Thermal Resort is located a few miles from La Fortuna. Head towards the Arenal Volcano, you can’t miss it. Check Out my article: Tabacon Hot Springs VS Baldi Hot Springs- the TRUTH

Baldi Hot Springs - Now, Baldi is as big as Tabacón and its nice enough, but it’s no Tabacón. Baldi is two steps down, but you won’t be disappointed, and if you want to save a few bucks this is a great option. The crowd is also younger and livelier. Baldi is next to the Volcan Look Disco and are the first hot springs you’ll come to as you drive from La Fortuna towards Tabacón.
Check out our video on Baldi Hot Springs

Eco Termales – Located directly across the street from Baldi is yet another hot springs option. Eco Termales is nice, picturesque, and intimate with its series of pools set amid lush forest and gardens. However, reservations are a must and you should be aware there's no view of the volcano.

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Herradura Hot Springs – These hot springs are located in the San Isidro area (75 miles SE of San Jose). These hot springs are small, but will do the trick after a long day of hiking. The springs are located off the road between San Gerardo de Rivas and Herradura. The entrance is 1km (1/2 mile) beyond San Gerardo de Rivas.

Hacienda Guachipelin – You don’t have to stay at his hotel to enjoy or take advantage of the hot spring pools, and hot mud pools at their spa area. The entrance fee gets you access to all the pools and self-application of the hot volcanic mud. Located in Liberia.

Termales del Bosque – Actually, this is a simple hotel, but it has great hot springs set amid pristine rainforest. Here there are a run of sculpted pools located on the banks of a small river. Termales del Bosque sits on the road from San Carlos To Aguas Zarcas, just before El Tucano; Ciudad Quedada. About a half hour drive out of La Fortuna.

This is just the short list: For example, there are natural hot pools of water along Rio Celeste (highly recommended day trip) in the Tenorio National Park about 2 hours from La Fortuna making your way to Guatuso.