Hazards of Driving Around Costa Rica

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This video is in HD... you may need to pause the video to let it load before watching it.

Driving in Costa Rica is NOT for the meek, it takes a Type A personality to navigate this country. (CHECK OUT VIDEO BELOW)

A few issues you should know: Most ticos get around by walking, especially outside of the major cities. The problem with this is that they walk in the street, usually side by side, pretty much oblivious to the consequences of getting hit as they typically do not move and expect the driver to go around. To complicate matters, it doesn’t matter if it’s foggy, a downpour, late at night etc., they expect to be spotted and that the driver will act accordingly. So as you can imagine when the conditions are poor, they literally appear out of nowhere.

Potholes, and not your mother’s pothole; these have been known to swallow entire cars. The road conditions in Costa Rica are click here to continue reading...

michael alan's Blog - Thursday, February 12, 2009 

Our new Travel Tip Video about 'Driving in Costa Rica' has caused quite the STIR with both potential tourists and resident Tico's alike. Who woulda thought?

We made the video for ONE reason- to INFORM people of the possible driving conditions they may encounter if they decide to rent a car to travel Costa Rica. We think it's important to KNOW what you're getting yourself into. That said, it was NOT meant to SCARE anyone away from driving. Personally, we think driving is the BEST option of getting around Costa Rica. But it's not for the faint of heart and the decision to drive or not should not be taken lightly.

I can't tell you how many emails we've gotten from people planning a trip to Costa Rica saying they would no longer consider driving after watching the video. I suppose the video does seem to imply that DANGER lurks around every corner, and in a WAY, that's TRUE, at least the potential for danger.....but COME ON! Really, it's the potential for DANGER that makes driving here so exhilarating and adventurous (along with the spectacular scenery of course). I guess you have to be a TYPE A personality to understand this.

It's much easier to understand why resident Tico's were ready to STRING ME UP for this particular video. First, they think the video is too negative and shows their country in a bad light; exposing a skeleton of sorts. Tico's love to maintain their illusions (yeah, they don't cut down trees anymore either). In their minds, the video is enough to STOP people from visiting......AS IF. Second, in the video I call Ticos some of the worst drivers on the PLANET. Right now they're outside my apartment searching for a suitable tree. But, I stand by that comment, because it also happens to be TRUE; they really are a scary LOT when they get behind the wheel. You can go here to read my TAKE on Tico drivers.

Here's the video in question. All the video really says is be AWARE and be CAREFUL.

But if you see me hanging from a tree, you'll understand.