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michael alan's Blog - Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gotta LOVE a Costa Rican ‘GREEN MARKET.’ No matter where you are in Costa Rica- San José or ‘any’ small town, you can be rest assured, they WILL have a green market- complete with ALL the best fruits and vegetables you’ve come to expect from living here. And the tilapia, let’s just say, I’m a fan. Green Markets around Costa Rica are somewhat of a social event for ALL- farmers, locals and tourists alike come to buy, sell, mingle, or just browse around the rows of fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, flowers, plants, clothes and depending on the town or city, about anything else you might be interested in- anyone need an 8-track player?

La Fortuna is no different, unfortunately the green market is only once a week- Friday, which makes it hard to stock-up on fruits and veggies for the obvious reason. But we make do, and I guess the ‘once a week’ makes it somewhat of a treat.

We did a little comparison shopping, so WATCH this VIDEO and let us know WHAT YOU PAY in your neck of the woods.

*Food prices are going up worldwide. We thought we were saving money as far as grocery items go living in Costa Rica, but NOW, not so SURE.

Here's another market in San Jose, this one is much bigger:

The Green Markets in Costa Rica are definitely worth checking OUT!