Gay Saunas

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Sauna Club Hispalis

  • 75 meters East the National Museum . Avenue 2, between 17 & 19 streets not far from the Museo Nacional (looks like a big yellow fort), continue past the Museo about 50 to 75 meters and look across the street for the number 1762 painted in blue. Best steam room in San Jose area. There is a nice laberint where you can find so much action. Dry sauna, big jacuzzi, swimming pool, bar and restaurant are part of the services offered. Cover: $10. Best time to visit: WED between 4:00 PM till 8:00 PM. Wednesdays is full nude day and you should expect lot of people visiting. Sundays afternoon is great too with many young crowds around. Other days you should expect a quiet place with few guys.

-- Our Readers Reviews --

  • Great place with really cute locals (and some tourists). very clean and lots of guys. HISPALIS and PUCHO'S were my two favorite gay places in San Jose.. - Paul B. from Fresno, California
  • The gate will be open at 12:00 PM, just go in and through the doors. Admission is 5000 colones (about $10.00) and well worth it. Very very clean, hot tub, steam bath maze, rooms for privacy if you meet some one, regular steam bath, sauna, showers, bar, excellent staff and clientel for all tastes. Wed. is dia de naturista, other days wear a towel ( provided). - Gary

Sauna Paris

  • 100 Metros North and 100 Mts from Hotel Holiday Inn.

-- Our Readers Reviews --

  • VERY hard to find. on the same block as the Holiday Inn...other side of the block, behind purple curtain. a bit rundown, but there were a lot of cute guys (go around dinner). - Paul B. from Fresno, California

Bath House Etiquette for Addicts

Get rid of the fucking cell-phone!

Don't chew gum while cruising.

Don't walk around eating food like you're in a theme park.

Don't have "grabby hands." This is especially problematic for well-endowed men who like to show it off. A few obnoxious guys view well-endowed men who have their merchandise on display as an open invitation to "grab" the goods. Don't grab anyone anywhere unless you have been "invited" to do so. "Grabby hands" causes well-endowed men to keep themselves covered which denies the rest of us the sight of their natural wonders.

Don't be a stalker. There is nothing more annoying than a guy who "tailgates" you and follows you everywhere. We all have favorite guys we like to "shadow" so that we "coincidentally" happen to arrive at the steam room the same time they do. But don't be too obvious and don't stare like you're a serial killer. Wait for the right moment. Be cool. "Shadow" but don't stalk!

Reject guys nicely. When a troll or other substandard entity dares to make a play for someone as fabulous as you are don't take it as an "insult." Don't think that because a troll thought he might have a chance with you that you have lost rank in the gay pecking-order and that you must react with anger to regain your status. Please try to reject him as nicely as possible. The fact is that sometimes we all get lucky and occasionally score with a guy who is "out of our league." Don't knock a guy for trying.

Too many blow-jobs can give you bad breath. Rinse with mouthwash between tricks.

Remember -- if you smoke, you stink. Wash you hair, scrub your skin, clean your mouth and gargle. Too many guys who smoke are unaware of their stale cigarette stench.

If you're a bottom --- douche! Nothing can ruin the moment more quickly than pulling out and finding a condom covered in scat.

Even if you're not a bottom clean your bum so you don't leave skid marks.

Shave your back. There are very few men in the world on whom back-hair is actually sexy. Unless you've got a body like Ray Dragon --- shave it!