Gay Protest at Gran Hotel Costa Rica

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GAY Protest held outside the entrance of the Gran Hotel Costa Rica and next to the National Theater. It appears GRAND Hotel Costa Rica may want to consider providing its Security Staff with Sensitivity Training, or perhaps a Review of the current Costa Rican LAWS on the Books regarding the discrimination of Gays. Basically, two lesbians accuse the Security Staff of the Gran Hotel Costa Rica for harassing and discriminating against them for kissing outside the hotel in the square. The kicker, apparently it wasn't even a 'making-out' type of kissing. How boring is that? Well these lesbians weren't going to take it, so they got their gay 'family' and friends to stage a protest outside the Gran Hotel. It was very nice to see a good turn-out and BEST of all, many 'younger' gay Tico's were present of show their SUPPORT. Now that's what I call a step in the right direction.

michael alan's Blog - Wednesday, May 6, 2009
I wasn’t exactly skeptical; I just didn’t know what to expect- a handful of protesters- hundreds-thousands? Really I had no idea. I had heard about the protest the day before we were leaving to San José to do some videotaping and whatnot for our sites and I thought it could be interesting so of course we had to check it out.
We, (D’Angelo, Christopher and myself) were already in the city so we moseyed on over to the National Theatre about 5’oclock, an hour before the protest was to begin and sat around and tried to spot the other fags that were waiting like we were. Gaydar was going off, but not overly so.

Five turned into 5:30, turned into 5:45 and we were starting to worry. Our Gaydars’ were beeping, but still, only sporadically. I remember thinking, it’s hard to have a gay protest without any gays around… yeah I know, I have deep thoughts. Six o’clock right on the button… ummmm, not good. I counted maybe 20 gay people about, standing around, sitting on park benches, eating fast food, feeding the pigeons, a regular day in the Square- a casual observer would have never guessed a bunch of seemingly passive gays were anxiously waiting to be led into a 'Massive Gay Tizzy Fit' directed towards the Grand Hotel Costa Rica.

What was I thinking? Nothing happens until ‘GAY’ arrives and this being the land of Tico time and Pura Vida- really, was their ever a doubt the gays in charge would make a ‘Grand’ entrance into their own protest. Hell, where do you think ‘fashionably late’ came from… (Oscar Wilde by the way).

It was great seeing such a good turn-out of young gay tico’s, after all, gay rights start with ‘PRIDE’. The other side of the coin was our boy Christopher. He wanted NOTHING to do with the protest. Not because he didn’t care or support the cause, but he didn’t want to be recognized, so he sat on the other side of the square, somewhat in the shadows, not even facing the protest. Sad, but for MANY that’s the way it is here, after all, who’s going to pay for Christopher’s school if his dad sees him on television? Many Tico’s get disowned by friends, family and church for being gay here, so unfortunately, the ‘closet’ is frequently their home.

This PROTEST gave me great HOPE for the FUTURE of GAYS in Costa Rica.

*I must confess, totally made up the 'Oscar Wilde thing', it just seemed like something he would have quipped.