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Doing Drugs in Costa Rica

First things first: Drugs, or at least the ones you’re thinking of, are NOT legal in Costa Rica. The regulars such as pot, coke, E, shrooms, etc; are all illegal here. That said, the enforcement of these rules are generally laid back to say the least especially in the tourist hotspots. But as a disclaimer I must caution, you do drugs at your own risk in Costa Rica.

Smoking in Public

Smoking in public is more of a 'discretion' thing and although I probably wouldn’t smoke walking down the streets of San Jose, there are many places where I wouldn't hesitate to light up. Just be aware of your surroundings and if you're not sure you can always ask the hotel or hostel staff where you're staying, they are often a great resource- if you know what I mean.

The coastal and beach towns tend to be MUCH more laid back in their attitude towards drugs. Walk around town and you’ll quickly learn if you can smoke in public. I wouldn’t light one up in the restaurants or stores, but a beach club or bar is often fine, again you’ll know- just use good judgment. The very most that can happen is they will ask you to do your thing at the beach.

What drugs?

Pot is the easiest to get here, but if you’re a connoisseur, you WILL be disappointed as this is not Amsterdam and there isn’t a menu, unfortunately. So here, it’s the cheap stuff, so when they tell you it’s ‘chronic,’ 9 times out of 10 it’s a lie. For most people it seems to do the trick and few complain, cause really, they're just happy to have 'something.'

Coke/E is not as easy to get, but most touristy destinations and especially the beach and surf towns, it shouldn’t be a problem. Coke is often more readily available than pot, E, not so much, but Coke is rarely an issue.

Shrooms grow in many places here, so you do the math (there’s a lot of pastureland here so cow patties take on a whole new meaning). Some fool hardy travelers often venture into pastureland in search of their high. I would be very careful about setting foot on someones private property or ranch, their are many cowboys here, and the police may be the least of your worries. Hash can be found here as well, but usually you have to know somebody to get it for you, but it is here.

How much to get my HIGH on?

Expect to pay about $40-$50 an ounce for pot. Coke is about $20 a gram and E is $20-$30 per pill and hash is normally about $20 a gram.

Again, the beach and surf towns are the easiest in regards to finding drugs. You WILL be offered. If this seems sketchy, then we would recommend almost any bar or club and ask the bar tender or taxi driver, or better yet, a long term gringo living in the area, or even the ‘staff’ at a hostel or budget hotel. They’ll know or at least know someone that does.

Traveling in and around Costa Rica with Drugs

Traveling around Costa Rica with personal drugs isn't really a problem. But, border crossings could be a concern and I wouldn’t recommend attempting to cross into Nicaragua or Panama with drugs. They don't really search bags at the border, but it's just not worth the risk, and anything can happen at a border crossing in Costa Rica. Going to jail in Costa Rica may not be akin to 'Midnight Express,' but you are guilty till proven innocent, and the process can often take months. You should know the border checks points aren’t always at THE border and can sometimes be an hour or more away from the actual border. I would ask someone at the town you’re leaving from.

Don’t forget- there’s always Cacique!