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Every country seems to have their own set of requirements when traveling 'in' and 'out,' and Costa Rica is no exception. When making your travel plans to Costa Rica, it’s good to know the ‘details,’ the nitty gritty; you know, the stuff about a country that only someone who lives here would REALLY know. We love travel books and travel agents, but sometimes, they just don’t really know. Living here, we would like to think we’ve learned a thing or two about this beautiful country, and we’d love to share the information we’ve learned with YOU. Some of this travel information is common sensical, or merely a reminder of things you may have forgotten you know. But some of this information could mean the difference between a vacation that is enjoyed and remembered by all; or one which could leave you scratching your head wondering where it all went wrong. And as always, we HOPE it helps. Enjoy!

Our job is to travel around Costa Rica and video tape our experiences in order to provide you, the traveler, the BEST and most updated videos and information. Some information isn't pleasant and doesn't always present 'a country' in the BEST light, but all countries have their problems and issues and Costa Rica is obviously no exception. When it may appear we're 'bad mouthing', we're actually attempting to EDUCATE or make others aware of a situation- without education, change can NOT occur, and you the traveler will end with a bad experience, wondering if you were somehow mislead. We believe in honesty. Costa Rica is a wonderful and beautiful country regardless of it's shortcomings, come and enjoy, but let us help you with the homework.