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michael alan's Blog - Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When traveling to Costa Rica it's ALL about knowing the 'little' things, the stuff you wouldn't know unless you did your homework (highly recommended when traveling Costa Rica) and the more you KNOW, the better your Costa Rica travel experience will BE. And we like to think we provide at least some of the 'KNOW.'

Hey Everyone! WE love providing Costa Rica Travel Info and Travel Tip VIDEOS about 'ANYTHING' Costa Rica, to YOU- the potential Costa Rica Traveler, to ensure the BEST possible vacation EVER! There's a lot of Costa Rica Info out there to choose from, so we work hard giving you the most updated, pertinent Costa Rica Information through written words, and of course VIDEOS- reading is fundamental, but sometimes, it's just easier to WATCH than to read.

In part 1 of Costa Rica Quick Travel Tips, find out the importance of your passport (like you didn't already know), and how early do Tico really get up, and don't forget to bring plenty of sunscreen and a hat.. and much more. So take a few minutes even if you think you already know this stuff- maybe will remind you of things you have forgotten you knew. Pura Vida.

michael alan's Blog - Monday, March 23, 2009

In part 2 we'll explain the toilet paper situation in many Costa Rican hotels, restaurants and the like. Not for the faint of heart! BUT, it is good info to know so you can prepare, especially you backpackers and Costa Rican travelers on a budget. Also, want's the camping situation here in Costa Rica... can you camp on the beaches, what about he beaches in the National Parks? So, is Costa Rica in the 21st century in regards to supporting the handicap traveler to Costa Rica... this and more in Part 2 of Costa Rica Travel Tips with michael alan and DAngelo. If you're not sure of the answers, don't be caught unaware, it could be the difference between a good Costa Rican Travel Experience or a 'not' so good one.

michael alan's Blog - Sunday, March 22, 2009

In part 3 of Costa Rica 'Quick' Travel Tips will be discussing what you can expect upon 'Departure of Costa Rica at the San Jose International Airport along with some Driving Tips you must KNOW if you plan on Renting a Car and discovering Costa Rica yourself. Oh, at what happens when you Argue with a Tico about not having Hot water in your Hotel room? This and more in part 3 of Costa Rica 'Quick' Travel Tips. ENjoY!

michael alan's Blog - Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hey everyone! We LOVE traveling around Costa Rica, video taping, writing reviews and providing YOU, the potential Costa Rica traveler with information (see Travel Costa Rica NOW for even more INFO) to ensure the BEST possible vacation EVER. We filmed a few Costa Rica 'quick' travel tips, little things you should know before traveling around the country. In part 4 will be talking about tipping, gringo pricing and that 'BLUE PHONE' you see in just about every hotel around the country.

So, take a few moments and check out these Costa Rica 'quick' Travel Tips, you wouldn't want something that could be avoided messing up a vacation... and the more you know about Costa Rica, the BETTER your experience will be

Plus, why read it when you can WATCH it:

Costa Rica 'quick' Travel Tips with michael alan and D'Angleo, this is part 4 but these are in NO particular order so it's ALL good.