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michael alan's Blog - Saturday, March 21, 2009

It’s called the Colours Oasis Resort- Colours spelled with a ‘u’. The Colours Oasis Resort is located a short cab ride away from the center of San José Costa Rica in the Rohrmoser neighborhood. Colours is not only a ‘gay’ resort, but interestingly enough, ‘straight’ people also love to STAY there… and you’ll understand why after this review. And also by the time this is over, you’ll probably think we’re part owners, I can assure you- we’re not… unfortunately for us.

The Colours Oasis Resort began back in 1990 (imagine building a gay hotel 19 years ago in Costa Rica- the SHIT they must have took for that) by James Remes who had also owned Colours in Key West, Florida (for 5 yrs) before moving it here to San José. He’s been adding, redecorating and reinventing Colours every 5 years or so to keep it FRESH and updated- and it’s definitely WORKING. Honesty, he wears me OUT with all he’s doing.

The fact is- if you’re gay, you’d be making a HUGE mistake if you didn’t spend at least 2 nights at Colours. I would even go so far as to say to the ‘cooler’ straight people- you’d be making a mistake as well, and should stay at Colours Oasis for the exact same reason many of you like to frequent GAY Night Clubs- they’re just more FUN. After all, it’s all about atmosphere, and Colours Oasis has atmosphere in RAINBOWS……ok, maybe it’s not that faggy, but you get my point.

Here are some of the specifics:


T: (506) 2296-1880 or U.S.A. 1-866-517-4390


The staff is GREAT, and cute, HELLOO…. Roberto and ED…hehe. They’re also helpful, informative and if you need something, ANYTHING- they will try and make it happen. The ambiance and atmosphere at Colours is, in my opinion is the MAJOR draw…great little bar section to have a few cocktails and converse with staff or the other clients staying there… and I’m not sure Colours would call it a Happy Hour or not, but it sure did feel like one- music, smiles, conversations and ALL with a few frosty beverages in hand. There are even a few exotic birds next to the garden patio area that if I didn't know better, I'd say they were gay as well. Colours wants to BRING people together, so the place is laid out with many sitting and lounging areas to do just that, hence ATMOSPHERE.

They got everything you would expect- pool, secluded Jacuzzi, a small exercise room, WIFI, a terraced sundeck to do a little sun-bathing, a great complimentary breakfast that includes bacon…. now that’s what I’m talking about. There are a wide range of rooms, accommodating a single traveler or larger groups and prices to fit not only the budget traveler, but the more upscale traveler as well……….. and every budget in between. Check here for current room rates: Colours Oasis.

There are restaurants and bars located conveniently in close proximity to Colours Oasis, from local hangouts to more upscale eateries, but you’re only about a 6 buck cab ride to the middle of San José- so it’s convenient. I gotta admit, at first we thought we wouldn’t be ‘close’ to the attractions we wanted to visit in and around the San José area, but it was never a problem, we were even able to catch a bus into the city (the bus stop is only a minute walk from the resort) for about 75 cents.

So, gay or straight, we highly recommend a stay at the Colours Oasis Resort, you won’t be disappointed. I know we can’t be wrong, during our stay, we met no less than 8 other guests who at stayed at Colours numerous times before in their previous travels to the San José area. Colours appears to have a VERY loyal following… obviously for good REASON.

Oh, and if you get a chance to meet James, he not only has some great stories about his last 19 years living and working GAY in Costa Rica but a WEALTH of insight and Info about Costa Rica in general…that is if you can pin him down.

Rumor has it, there could be ONE massive GAY party coming to Colours in the near future, something about celebrating the 25th year of Colours… Stay Tuned, because if James is putting it on, you KNOW it will be 'THE EVENT', and you may want to begin making traveling arrangements..... SERIOUSLY.

And don’t FORGET, tell’em michael alan and D’Angelo sent you.