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Club Oh! is definitely one of Costa Rica's BEST gay Night Clubs. It was formally known as Déjà Vu, so don’t be confused.

Club Oh! really isn't 'all that' as far as the inside is concerned. It's like a BIG, BLACK BOX on the inside- but who cares, Club Oh! consistently spins some of the BEST music around. The DJ's know how to get the crowd going.... and keep them goING and combined with a more than adequate lighting system, the bland interior is made up for by the overall ENERGY of the place. Hell, if it was just me and the DJ, I could still have a bomb-ass time....

Club Oh! puts on its fair share of events- White Party, Black Party, Drag Shows, Stripper Shows etc, so make sure to consult their website to find out what's coming UP....

Phone: (506) 2221 9341
Address: 2nd st. between Ave. 14 & 16.
Next to Clinica Biblica,

San Jose, Costa Rica

Club OH! is GREAT! Cute/HOT bartenders, top notch male dancers/strippers, great BEATS, good lights, and the local gay men that frequent the place are above average in the looks department and everytime I go to Club OH! I have a GREAT time.

People GO to Club OH! to dance and see the male dancers, which ARE, like I said, top notch. Tourists should go to Club OH! for the same reason, because the likely hood of hooking up with a 'local', is not as good here as it might be at places like Bochinche's or Pucho's. That said, it is a gay club, and men are PIGS, so it CAN happen, the odds just aren’t as good.

Club Oh! usually has drink specials, such as paying 6,000 colones (approx. $12.00) at the door which gives you unlimited beers from 10:00pm til 1:00am, or for a little more money (approx. $16.00)- VIP privileges with unlimited cocktails. The 'open bar' can get overly crowded at times which can get a little frustrating, especially on Saturdays, if waiting isn't your thing, stop by Club Oh! after 1:00am. *Obviously, prices could CHANGE.


-- Our Readers Reviews --

  • If you like techno music, the best choice is Club Oh... - open bar. shows on Friday and Sat. and its busy. - Jose C. from San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Club Oh! is cool, but take a taxi......not the best part of town.......mostly upper class ticos......but you should have a great time.......also take a taxi home and wait in the club.....don't go wondering down there............have fun!!! - Minor from Quepos, Costa Rica
  • Very dark club, and kind of snotty! - David S. from Denver, Colorado
  • Friday/Saturday nights – great place after 11PM – I stopped going a while back as the music was heading into less danceable – for me. But going again Friday night as it is the best place to go in SJO. Pay extra for a VIP ticket and you have a small but packed bar for drinks with separate music. But do go out to the main floor for typically great dancing and loads of people – predominantly gay male, but also hetero couples. VERY, VERY LOUD. The show around midnight can be from great to boring. - Walter M. from San Jose, Costa Rica
  • The people here are not friendly. It's also in a very creepy part of town. Take a cab. - Scott P. from San Francisco, California
  • Supposed to have great electronic music, but high cover charge...I'd check it out if I were you. - Joshua B. from Chicago, Illinois
  • A word of advice to travellers. People here dress amazing, so don't show up in flip flops and a dirty T-shirt. Saturday Deja Vu ( now called Club OH!) is a huge, modern dance venue with extremely good look guys and an insane drag show around midnight. It was one of the best gay clubs I have ever checked out. Better than anything in Canada!
    Note: Use a cab to go to any club and dress really well if you want to fit in.
    - Adidas1980 from Canada
  • Club Oh! A disco where fast-beat electro music is played and the only light is provided by lasers. It's a very popular place on Fridays and Saturdays with open bar at 6000 colones (that's what I paid the last time I was there last August). - Fabián from San Jose, Costa Rica