Burger King in Costa Rica UGH!

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Really, it was just a matter of time before La Fortuna crossed over from a 'quaint' little farming town to one of the top tourist destinations in Costa Rica. Let's be REAL, it's difficult to keep an ever-erupting Volcano a secret from the visiting masses and DOUBLeY difficult to stop locals from trying to capitalize on the fact there's money to be made from said tourists. Hence, the over-growth of hotels, souvenir shops and restaurants. The recession has slowed the construction down and many places have faced foreclosure since there's just not enough tourist dollars to keep everyone OPEN, so it's become survival of the fittest so to SPEAK. I can live with that, it will all work itself out in the upcoming years, but FAST FOOD FRANCHISES..... Please say it's not true. How could anyone come to Costa Rica and want to go to a Burger King or Church's Chicken when there's good authentic Costa Rican cuisine on almost every corner?

I'm begging....please don't support these places.