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This is my FINAL ANSWER!

I LOVE Bochinche's. No matter what I said here or here.

Bochinche's is still one of my favorite Costa Rican gay bars.

On Thursday night, Bochinche's is a GREAT place to hang-OUT, chat, have a few cocktails... and CATCH a very GOOD drag show. AND you GRINGO's, you can HOOK-UP if you so desire. On this particular Thursday night, it was ALL that and MORE. *wink* Thursday does draw a little more of a mixed crowd than does Friday and Saturday night when it tends to be more of a party/club scene (a good thing). People come to Bochinche's on Thursday night to chat, mingle and catch the show.

Phone: (506) 2221-0500
Address: on Calle 11, between Ave 10 and 12,

San Jose, Costa Rica
TWINKies are not the main course on Thursday nights at Bochinche's.

We had a great time as usual, and the place was PACKED as usual. The music in the background is SO good it's hard not to dance where ever you happen to be standing....and many people do, although it still takes 10 minutes or longer to get to the bathroom,,,, and you have to be somewhat AGGRESSIVE making your way to the downstairs bar to get a BEER- welcome to Bochinche's. But as you can see in the video, the DRAG show is usually Top Shelf.

So, Thursday night at Bochinche's is HIGHLY recommended, but you can be sure we'll be out again at Bochinche on Friday and Saturday night searching for the perfect Hostess snacking cake with the creamy white filling...whoo hoo! I really do LOVE Bochinche's- and that is my FINAL ANSWER!

-- Our Readers Reviews --

  • Is nice, but is to overcrowded... Very small and they let too many people in, but it's okay to visit… - Jose C. from San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Kinda trashy, but not too bad. - Minor from Quepos, Costa Rica
  • Mostly packed – Friday/Saturday nights... best after around 10:30 or so – more younger, pretty boys than other clubs. Almost too crowded to dance. - Walter M. from San Jose, Costa Rica
  • A small, cool dancing, but great place to meet locals. - Joshua B. from Chicago, Illinois
  • Great music, lots of cute boys, really good drag shows... However, the place is TOO SMALL, they killed the dance floor so NO ONE CAN DANCE, and it's too crowded. Definitely not a place for someone that is claustrophobic! - Marcello M. from Phoenix, Arizona
  • At Bochinche you'll listen to all the hits from the pop charts, and you'll see guys in their early to mid 20's dancing (sometimes quite girly) to them. It's very small and gets extremely packed, especially Fridays and Saturdays after 11:00pm. There's no dress code, just don't show up in shorts and flip flops. :-) - Fabián from San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Bochinche has kind of nicer people in general, but the place is a little small, and it gets over crowded. They only have one bathroom and its on the first floor, and going trough the stirs can be a nightmare specially afer a few beers. A lot of Latin music remixes, and stuff like Cher, and Madonna... u know... the typical gay music. - Francisco A. from San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Gay stripper club, kinda fun if you wanna see a lot of horny old guys drooling all over the strippers, it's fun if you go with some locals (someone you can trust of course) but it has the same problem La Avispa has, a bunch of gold-diggers. The place is OK though if you're a smart guy.. - David G.