Barrio Amon in San Jose

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If you find yourself in San Jose, Costa Rica with nothing to do check out Barrio Amon. Bario Amon is a neighborhood where all the old coffee barons use to live and the neighborhood is full of old mansions that have been converted into restaurants, hotels, and shops.

michael alan's Blog - Wednesday, June 17, 2009
San Jose Costa Rica get an undeserved BAD WRAP. I realized my mistake a couple months ago with this post: San Jose Costa Rica- I'm SORRY.

And believe me, I used to be on board: "There's NOTHING to do in San Jose." or "I was only there 2 days and it was 2 days too LONG." and of course, "San Jose is a dirty, crime ridden city."

I pretty much went over most of this in the previously fore mentioned post, so I won't bore you by doing it again. But here's something worth checking out if you got a hour or two to kill in San Jose: